Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Measuring Muhammad and Sharing Sharia

When the uninformed or complicit compare historical Judaism and/or Christianity with Islam, to show similarities and justify modern-day Islamic jihad, they are comparing apples to broccoli. Israelites were commanded to displace (annihilate) certain heathen nations, during a specific limited time, for a specific reason – to establish the national borders of the real estate promised them by God. Israel and Jews have never had a mandate or plans to annihilate anyone else. They do, however, have historic rights to possess and defend their God-given real estate.

Christians went to war during the dark ages primarily to defend those being invaded and overrun by Islamic conquest. Certain sects of state-dominated Christendom also waged conquest and persecution of Jews and other sects. This was clearly errant and not inspired by their holy book or by God. These so-called Christians were highly oxygenated morons. Christians who follow their holy book and hold to an orthodox profession have never had a mandate or plan to conquer or force their world view on anyone.

Biblical Judeo-Christianity (and coincidentally, U.S. Constitution)
Quranic/Hadithic Islam (and coincidentally, Sharia Law)

Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness
Murder of Non-believers and LGBTQ
Fear, Anger

Surrender and Allegiance
Wife and Kafir Control
If you lose your life in this world (figuratively or literally), through service of others, you gain it in the next.
If you lose your life in this world, while murdering non-believers, you gain it in the next - including 70 virgins.
Misogyny, Rape, Genital Mutilation, Child Marriage, Honor Killing
Lying to gain advantage over Kafir
Freedom of Speech
Prohibition of Dissent
Love for and Alliance with Israel and Jews
Hatred and Extermination of Jews
Tolerance/Personal Choice within the Law
Human Trafficking, Slavery

See All the Above
Theocracy and Fascism
Respect for Government & Governed
Refusal to Integrate & Terrorism
Muslims, on the other hand, have a clear mandate from their holy book and related writings and an historical example set by their prophet, for all time and in every place - to annihilate Jews and dissolve the nation of Israel, and to force their world view on people of other faiths under threat of exploitation or death. This is unique among all major religions.

The only difference between a Muslim extremist and other Muslims is their relative willingness to follow the Quran.

Why are some self-termed fair minded among us so intent on receiving a large influx of Muslims, despite the woes of several nations in Europe who have already done so? Michael Savage summed it up best: “Islamists are chopping off limbs and heads while our boys are shrieking at the drop of a micro-aggression.”

Why are  those self-termed fair minded partisans also arguing that it is cruel and isolationist to prevent said influx of Muslims into the U.S.?

Answer 1: Ignorance

Answer 2: Sophistry

Next Post: Sophistry and its many uses in political discourse and liberal indoctrination...

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