Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why Ted Cruz is #1

You remember in Braveheart, when Robert the Bruce listened to his father and agreed to betray William Wallace to ascend to the throne of Scotland (albeit in subordination to England)?

Ted Cruz will unite us, like Wallace wanted Robert the Bruce to do, but he won't betray us. Ted Cruz is a good man and a patriot, and a hero, though and through. His shrill, nasal voice, and big nose have nothing to do with his character or his ability to lead. His courage and convictions have everything to do with his ability to lead. He stands up and stands out frequently as an "outlier" from the ranks of goose-stepping republican apparatchiks, defying Mitch McConnel and the president like it's not that big a deal.

That's what we need. Someone who will stand up to the opposition, in either party, in the special interests, in big government, in crony-capitalism big business, and lead.  This guy has all the qualifications of a Ronald Reagan, a Winston Churchill, a William Wallace, and he is electable. How is he electable, you ask? If people vote for  him, he will get elected. It's as simple as that.

Get off your discouraged butt and vote for Ted Cruz. If you do, he will get elected, and he will undo as much of the destruction Obama, Pelosi, Reed, McConnel, and Boehner have wreaked on this beat up nation as he can, and quickly.

Electability is not about Cruz. It's about voters. Don't listen to the pundits and think tank pickled eggs. Vote for Ted Cruz, and we will resurge as a nation. The economy, the military, the moral compass, the constitutionality, the morale, the strength, the viability, of America, will bud again.

Vote for Ted  Cruz.

Look me in the eye and trust me. Vote for Ted Cruz.

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