Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What/Who, Exactly, is "The White House"?

I heard, today, "The White House says, 'Have faith in the US ecomony despite the 1000 point fall [in the Dow].'"

Who, or what, exactly, is the "White House"? I've been hearing that a lot the past 6 years - total B.S. propaganda and lies pouring out of the main stream media in the name of "The White House."

Usually, after making such an absurd statement, the media plays a clip by Josh Honest, who is the most earnest, and honest, earnest person in the all the world of honest people.

Are you also insulted by the assumption that you are butt-stupid? Do you ever get sick and tired of Josh Honest being earnest with you, pouring out a bunch of stuttering, hesitant, carefully guarded sentences of pure lies, covering the naked bottoms of Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Boehner, McConnel, ad nauseum, ad nauseum? How stupid does "The White House" think we are?

Unfortunately, there are people stupid enough to eat from the hand of earnest Josh Honest. They are the type of people who call 911 when they don't like their Chinese food. And people who boast about having an 'Obama phone.' These people are as dead in the head as a tick on a dog.

We have to turn this mess around, and fast, if we don't want our daughters serving as sex slaves to Muslim terrorists, and our homes full of cameras and microphones transmitting our every gasp, dribble, and fart to "The White House."

Wake up, America. We're in trouble. And our music, pointy shoes, plastic surgery, and orgasms aren't going to help us when the SHTF.

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