Saturday, August 8, 2015

Republican Primary Debate - Foxy, Facebookey, and FUBAR

The most watched cable event of all time - the burning of Donald Trump at the stake. Well, not exactly, he was wearing asbestos underwear so at least his back end was salvaged. The Fox News moderators were petty and snarky and out to get Trump and tarnish the entire field.

So why would they do that? Facebook sponsored the event. Zuckerberg is a flaming liberal. The Republican establishment "owns" Fox News. The Republican establishment is a bunch of closet liberals.  Screw Fox News and Facebook. We need a conservative, patriotic president, and any of the candidates in either the 5:00 or 9:00 debates would do just fine, in my opinion. I like some better than others, but any of them would be an improvement over Clinton, Carter, Bush, Obama, Biden, Hillary, or any of the other Dems running. Shame on Fox News for aiding the opposition. They even gave Deb Schultz a platform to spew her awful froth, uncontested.

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Intelligent Hangers

Here are my top 5 picks for president, and the order may change over the coming months:

1) Cruz

2) Fiorina

3) Rubio

4) Walker

5) Paul

Here are my 6 - 10:

6) Santorum

7) Jindall

8) Carson

9) Huckaby

10) Trump

Any one of these candidates would take us in a positive direction. Carson is the smartest of the bunch, but doesn't have enough experience to hit the ground running. Huckaby and Trump are wild cards to a degree, and so is Paul. Any of those three might turn out to be surprising in a negative way. Rand Paul would make some very positive changes but may leave our helpless brothers and sisters hanging in the middle east (he's a bit of an isolationist, which is good for us economically, but not morally).

It will be interesting to see what develops in the coming months.

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