Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cecil the Lion, Rest in Peace

Cecil the Lion, rest in peace
We mourn you're deceased
the king of beasts

You are, after all, a person too
Unlike unborn humans, who are clumps of goo
And Christians in Syria, whatever, boo hoo

While children are being crucified
And little girls are being sodomized
You will be forever memorialized

Caitlin Jenner and you are much alike
In our hearts a chord you strike
while ISIS brutality exceeds the Third Reich

Drowning people in cages is fine
And raping little girls in Islam is divine
But ending your life is crossing the line

Rest in peace, oh, king of beasts
To hell with the unborn, the least of these
And the infidels and their moral disease

Cecil the Lion, rest in peace

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