Friday, June 26, 2015

SCOTUS (Scrotum Care Obama Termites Ubiquitizing Sodomy)

There we have it, peasants. We've officially become a western European socialist third world banana republic fascistic dictatorship. The Supreme Court of the United States, otherwise known  by Gem Saki and Morine Hearfthf as, "SCOTUS," has just tapped the last nail in place on our republic's coffin.
So today, I'm revealing the real meaning of the acronym, "SCOTUS."

Scrotum Care - what used to be known as Obamacare, is now squarely the responsibility of a few scrotums in black robes (and a couple of non-scrotums who would have more brains if they had brains in their scrotums like the aforementioned scrotums).

Obama Termites - Minions of the Destroyer In Chief. These scrotums know how to gnaw at the structure of our nation - the constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, clearly written laws enacted by Congress, etc. They love to eat paper. They love to chew it up and spit it out in a juxtaposed, or altogether new, order of chewed up words. Then they like to make spit wads out of it and shoot them at Christians, Jews, conservatives, heterosexuals, patriots, cowboys, rednecks, real scientists, Congress, business owners, the middle class, rational people, and fetuses.
Ubiquitizing Sodomy - Although ubiquitizing is not a word, this moniker is self-explanatory.

Soon anyone who says anything in opposition to the Scrotum Care Obama Termites Ubiquitizing Sodomy will be charged with a crime. And anyone who thinks it, but doesn't say anything, will be detected and reported by the children of the State, and charged with thought crimes.

We (meaning the majority of the media and the militant special interests) are cheering in the streets for the ubiquitization of sodomy. Thank goodness for the military and rational beings among us who protect our right to do that. In Iraq, sodomites are being dropped head-first from buildings, while Obama, SCOTUS, Congress, the Senate, and United Nations turn a blind third eye. Why don't we/they do anything about that? Because Muslims are a protected class, just like LGBTs (except in other countries), minority races, feminists, minority race supremacists, liberals, atheists, earth worshipers, freeloaders, unions, college professors, politicians, race baiters, the media, movie stars, recording artists, illegal aliens, democrats, and climate change peddlers.

Wake up. We are now ruled by a small group of cranial-rectal inverted scrotums in black robes.


  1. Termites These ubiquitous wood-feeding insects are social descendants of cockroaches.

    1. Absolutely, Kate! You understand more than the average non-informed serf. Good for you!