Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our Biblical Mandate to Vote, Part 2

Ernie Chambers, an atheist, outspoken African American state legislator in Nebraska, is proposing a bill that would take away tax-exempt status from churches. He's quoting the Bible, where Jesus tells his followers to "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's." He adds that he supposes all followers of Jesus would want to follow his teachings, and therefore [churches] would want to pay more taxes.  Ernie is a very liberal, (I believe crazy) democrat who has been in office for decades.

The mayor of Houston is demanding copies of all sermons of pastors who have opposed the new ordinance that lets men use women's bathrooms, as long as the men are questioning their gender.

President Barack Hussein Obama is warming up his pen to give amnesty to untold millions of illegal aliens, some of which are hardened violent criminals. He is also contemplating (at least) bringing Ebola-infected people from Africa into America for treatment. He also continues to refuse to put a travel ban from the Ebola "hot zone" countries in place.

In Florida, Charlie Crist is running for governor (again). Only this time he's a democrat. When he was governor before, he was a liberal Republican. He's good-looking and a very smooth talker. He wipes the floor with Rick Scott in debates. But Charlie Crist is a snake and will break his nose if Obama turns a corner too fast, like all other crazy liberals. And Floridians watch the debates and warm up to the snake oil and lies pouring out of Crist's mouth.

We (America) really are doomed by the millions and millions of (1) non-voters, and (2) stupid voters.

We've got 2 chances left - one on November 4th, to gain control of the senate and put some strong conservatives in office in Congress and the Senate, and in 2016, to put a conservative President in office. If we fail one or both of these tasks, we (America) are done. We will cease to exist as we have for decades and will become a cross between socialist Europe and any third-world dictatorship you can name.

Will you please vote, and do so for a Republican? As messed up, drunk, and "politicized" as they are, they're at least not hell-bent on destroying America. I just don't have time to explain in detail how the liberal democrats and socialists (and Marxists like Obama) and the race baiters are ruining our country. Just ask yourself this: Are we better off, as people and as a nation, than we were 6 years ago? Are race relations better or worse? Is the economy better or worse? Is the moral and cultural climate better or worse? Is good gaining more ground, or bad?

Will you vote? Please? For conservatives (conservationists of this free, strong, good nation)?

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