Thursday, August 14, 2014

Children Are Being Brutally Murdered in Iraq. Obama is Golfing. Hagel is Lying.

Children are being beheaded and crucified by ISIS in Iraq. Parents are cutting themselves and letting their children drink their blood because they are dying of thirst.

Crucified. Yes, like Jesus was.  Not verbally like Obama is by those racist Republicans. Physically crucified.

And Chuck Hagel, appointed by Barack Hussein Obama, is saying things aren't so bad over there (in Iraq) so we (America) aren't going to be sending as much aid as originally thought.

By the way, Obama was put into office by 30,000,000 Christians who did not vote last election. They did not vote, presumably for one of the following reasons:

1) Romney is a Mormon

2) They actually believe God does not want them to vote

3) They were too lazy

Any of the above reasons is insufficient to justify allowing Obama to beat Romney. At least Romney's world view includes respect for people of faith, charity, fiscal responsibility, morality and the sanctity of marriage and the family unit, etc. For Obama, these things are platitudes that he throws out of his Marxist, quasi-Muslim, atheist mouth.  They are empty promises, blatant lies, hot air coming from Obama's mouth.

As you put your beautiful kids to bed tonight, thank God we in America don't have to worry about them being decapitated or crucified in the least for a while longer. If we don't turn the political and military climate around in this Nation, we may soon have to defend ourselves from terrorists right here where we live. Helping those in need elsewhere will be invisible to us for reasons other than ignorance and selfishness - we will be crying out with stubs for tongues to other nations for help.

Vote for the best candidate next time. For the love of God, get off your high horse or your lazy arse, get registered, and VOTE.

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