Thursday, July 24, 2014

Still Not Planning on Voting? What If Your Wife and Daughters' Genitals Were On the Line?

Right now in Iraq, an Islamic terrorist organization called ISIS is harassing, kidnapping, torturing, raping, and killing Christians.

ISIS is also ordering forced genital mutilation of women between the ages of 12 and 46. That means they are holding them down and cutting their clitorises off to prevent any possibility of future sexual pleasure.

Don't worry; they're not doing that to Christians (that hold to their faith) - they're just raping and killing them. However, Christian women who convert to Islam in fear for their lives gain their lives but lose their clitorises.

All this is aided, if even indirectly, by the weakness and sympathy for Islam of American politicians.

All the while, the whole liberal world (including liberal American politicians and the press) is condemning Israel for defending themselves from ISIS's cousins, Hamas, another Islamic terrorist organization.

All of you conservatives who refuse to vote are allowing liberal politicians to gain and hold office. Therefore, you are indirectly contributing to the murder of Christians, the clitorectomies of innocent Muslim women, and the derision and possible annihilation of Israel. And all of you liberals are actively contributing to it by voting for liberals (especially ones like Obama).

By the way, all these Islamic terrorist organizations have America on their hit list. Beheadings, kidnapping, torture, and clitorectomies are coming to a city near you, if America is allowed to continue its weakening.

Get up and vote for these innocent people and the future of your own families.


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