Thursday, July 24, 2014

National Guard on Texas Border?

Remember when Obama announced the exact withdrawal plan for troops in Afghanistan? Dates, number of troops, etc?

Most rational people thought that was stupid.

Well, speaking of stupid, I believe every time the U.S. announces all the details of any plan to defend itself (or stop defending itself) to the world, it's a big mistake. And it turns an otherwise good idea into a waste of time and money.

The latest example of this is sending the National Guard to the Texas border. Not that it was a bad idea in and of itself. It's the world-wide announcement that they can't do anything to deter the illegals from crossing the border.

I first heard Michael Savage say on his program that "the next president of the United States, Rick Perry, has just ordered the National Guard to the Texas border." I was thrilled and momentarily agreed that Rick Perry had just catapulted himself into the 2016 presidential race.

About 2 minutes later, a guy called the Savage show from Texas and explained how the Texas National Guard is impotent as a deterrent force - they can't detain anyone.

The Texas Border Patrol agrees - they don't want the National Guard's "help." The Border Patrol says they will actually not be of help because they are not authorized to enforce federal immigration laws.

I find that puzzling. Even the Border Patrol has been prevented by the Federal Government from enforcing the federal immigration laws.

Maybe the National Guard could at least hand out teddy bears with Glenn Beck for $1.3 Million a week.

Man, I was excited about Rick Perry. I still am to some degree, since it's a bold move to send in the National Guard despite King Obama's resistance to do so.

And here's the kicker: Everyone in the world now knows the National Guard is just there to hand out teddy bears and change diapers. Maybe we should translate that into Spanish and drop fliers out of a helicopter in Central and South America.

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