Thursday, July 3, 2014


Fellow Americans,

Happy Independence Day.  To all of you who have fought, and are fighting, to keep me and my family free in this wonderful place called America, thank you. I'm talking about soldiers and voters.

Do you know, today, American voters can have an impact at least as significant as American soldiers? As American soldiers are thrown around the world into boiling vats of chaotic insanity and evil, to "keep peace and spread democracy" (and to keep the price of oil down), we here at home have an equally if not more important job of VOTING.

I'll write more on this soon, but in short:

This November mid-term election may be the 2nd most important election in the history of America. If conservatives do not win back control of the Senate, the last 2 years of the Obama presidency/rape of America may well be the death knell of this country. The most important election is our next presidential election, for more reasons than I want to explain in this short post.

I have a pastor friend I love dearly who recently sent an email announcing a church picnic as follows: "BRING A BAR BQ STYLE COVERED DISH,PUT ON YOUR RED, WHITE AND BLUE, AND COME CELEBRATE."

The irony in this email is this: My pastor friend served in the armed forces to defend this country. He is encouraging his fellow patriots to don their colors and celebrate our independence. And he DOES NOT VOTE.

In my next post, I'll explain why evangelical Christians caused Obama to be elected, twice. I believe strongly that the notion that God doesn't want us to vote is so completely wrong and un-Biblical that, in our present situation, it is treasonous. It is treachery to our nation, our freedoms, the unborn, the future of our children, our freedom to worship God in a way that doesn't involve chopping heads off, and of special importance, to Israel. It may be part of the dividing line between sheep and goats (more on this to come).

Happy 4th. Put on your red, white and blue. Celebrate our independence and FREEDOM.




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