Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter To My Congressman - Democrat (but not hopeless) Theodore Deutch, 21st District, Florida

Hi Congressman Deutch,
I'm wondering how you feel about the swap of the 5 Al Qaeda soldiers for our deserter. Are you beginning to feel like our great nation is being hi-jacked? Do you feel it was a legitimate move to do this in the dead of night and let you (Congress) know after the fact? Do you think there are other deserving Americans or friends of America who should be rescued? The marine sergeant in Mexico? The Christian lady in Africa condemned to be hanged? The Pakistani doctor who led to the termination of Osama Bin Laden?
How do you feel about the illegal alien children who are being ushered into our country and fostered by the federal government on my tax dollar?
How do you feel about Elijah Cummings and other bitter liberals confounding any attempt to uncover the truth about the handling of the Benghazi massacre or the IRS abuse of American citizens?
Do you feel it would be reasonable to impeach Obama? Holder?
Do you believe it's ok for Holder to give guns to Mexican drug lords, leading to the death of an American citizen/law keeper, but let an American citizen lie chained to a cot for accidentally crossing the Mexican border with registered guns in his pickup?
How do you feel about the growing racial tensions being cultivated by Mr. and Mrs. Obama and others? Have we not made tremendous progress in that area? How about the popular idea that I (being a conservative) am automatically a racist? I have several political heroes who happen to be African American. They are "uncle Toms" according to the press and liberal African Americans. They are proud and admirable Americans to me. Since conservative African Americans and non-racist conservatives don't exist, then I and Allen West and Mia Love and Ben Carson and Herman Cain and Alan Keyes and J.C. Watts and myriad others must just be figments of our own imaginations...
How do you feel about Lois Lerner losing all her emails to/from outside agencies for a select (and germane) time period? Do agencies in the federal government really "lose" emails? Any moderately intelligent person knows that corporations (and presumably the federal government) archive EVERYTHING. So in order to "lose" important emails, they would have to be DELETED, then the archives DESTROYED. Do some of my employees (federal government workers) really believe I'm that stupid? Do they believe, like my daughters did when they were 2 years old, that if they just cover their eyes and say, "You can't see me," that I can't see them? Are you kidding me?
What's going on in the Federal government? Are you fighting for me? Are you fighting for our American way of life? Are you standing up to the silent coup that is being foisted on us by hostile forces within our very government? Are you an AMERICAN?
I don't care whether you're liberal or conservative. Either way, you can't possibly believe in Marxism, communism, Muslim jihad, Sharia Law, armies of parrots repeating one BIG LIE after another, etc. None of those are compatible with being AMERICAN. Americans are NOT Marxist, communist, Muslim jihadists, believers in Sharia Law, or celebrated for being pathological liars.
Are you an AMERICAN?
I think so.
Please stand up and fight for me, my family, Florida, and America.
God bless you in doing so!

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