Monday, November 18, 2013

Redistrubution of Voters

By now, most Americans who are paying attention have heard of "redistribution of wealth."  Wealth redistribution is a communist (Marxist, progressive) practice aimed at "leveling the playing field", which is a tenet of liberals (progressives, socialists, Marxists, etc.).

Because of the rise of progressivism in America, we conservatives are losing our country to a group of elitist fascists and their apparatchiks.  One evidence of this is the turning of red (primarily conservative/Republican) states into purple (evenly mixed between conservatives and liberal/democrats) and purple states to blue (primarily liberal/Democrat).

How is this happening?  Is it simply that more and more conservatives are becoming liberal?  Is it because more liberals are voting relative to conservatives?  The latter is definitely true.

Another reason for this shift is the movement of liberals into red states such as Texas.  Texas is a stronghold for conservatism and has been for decades.  Liberals have been infiltrating Texas and exerting their influence in the State legislature and in voting booths.

This makes me wonder whether there is anything conservatives can do, along this line, to save this constitutional republic from utter ruin.  I believe there is.

Redistribution of Voters

If conservatives would boldly assert themselves against the slow but sure takeover by liberals, freeloaders, and fascists, they could stop the tide.  One way to do this would be to inspire conservatives to vote.  But there is a more aggressive way to turn this thing around.  Why not stop the slide from red to purple to blue by redistributing conservative voters?

I know this is a crazy idea for most people.  I, for one, could not relocate right now.  But there are people (conservatives) who could, and it may be able to make a significant difference for this country's future.  If enough conservatives could manage to relocate to purple or blue states, those states might just turn red or at least purple.

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