Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dude Prong's Most Excellent Adventure Series #762

Now, for what you've all been waiting for...

We've found some old, old archives!

Welcome to the Adventure!  The Dude Prong Adventure Series is the Exclusive Product of the Undertoe.

Dude Prong's Most Excellent Adventure Series, #762

The night was not its usual muggy, hot self when the newly-hired plant operator, Dude Prong, cast his ripe chicken liver into the river.  It was Badwaste night, and he wasn't about to miss an opportunity to go fishing.  Badwaste was the watch to have if you liked to fish, climb the ERK tower, or smoke in the Frogmen Lipid Badwaste basement.

As he sat on the soft, grassy bank, chiggers burrowing into his flesh beneath the elastic band on his underwear, he pondered how he would accomplish his rise to the top of the CMT food chain.  Lex Luthor was at the helm, and he was a tough one to beat.  Dude had to think of a way to bring him down.

The beautiful whisper of the night breeze was shattered by a thundering, "Dude Prong, report to your work area!" on the homosexualtronics.  Dude reeled in his line, tore the liver off the hook and popped it in his mouth, extracted a large phosphorescent slime pod from his nose and flung it also into his mouth, farted, belched, scratched his genitals, and started to walk back toward the fence.

When he got to the Badwaste Control Room, he discovered a myriad of alarms sounding.

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  1. Who is Dude Prong? What is badwaste? This sounds so stupid. Is this a nuclear plant you're talking about? You should be ashamed of yourself. Are there any more episodes?

    1. Dude's true identity can only be known by insiders at this plant, and regular readers of the series. Yes, it's a nuclear plant. Yes, there are hundreds of prequels and sequels to this episode, coming soon...