Monday, September 30, 2013

Good morning fellow former American!

Good morning fellow former American!  Welcome to Great  Brichinexicanadarabicubakstan, your new home.
Please remember today we start newspeak - refrain from using old-world language. Today it also becomes mandatory to wear at least 100 sq. inches of red in solidarity with our supreme leader.  30 days from today all clothing will be transitioned to the green jumpsuit with red sashes for women and red working caps for men.  No distinction between "at home" and "abroad" travel will be made, as travel outside our motherland will be strictly prohibited for your own safety.

Our beloved Chairman Borlock Maobama

Please remember to take your medicines today, as always, and to eat your green vegetables and follow your children's directions.

Strength is Weakness
New ideas are dangerous
Individuality is evil
Achievement is vanity
Wealth accumulation is illegal and immoral
To each according to its need, from each according to its ability

 - - The Administration

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