Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hillary Clinton - "What Difference Does It Make?" - My Analysis

When Hillary Clinton asked, puffed up and flaming with feigned anger, "What difference does it make?", I was really pissed.  And things got worse for me when the liberal (brain-dead) media applauded her for welling up with righteous anger and really telling those mean Republicans off.

First of all, my background includes plenty of Quality Assurance and Root Cause analysis, as well as a long career in engineering, which requires the frequent use of sound logic.  What Hillary Clinton said was chilling in its disdain for American life, pathetic in its faulty logic, and even more pathetic in its feigned indignation.

To ask, "What difference does it make?", when referring to the death of four American citizens at the hands of terrorists, is heart-breaking and infuriating.  Enough said on that.  If you don't get that, you're a cold-hearted moron.

Ms. Clinton's logic was flawed in two ways: First, she sets up a false premise - notice she asked what difference it makes if it was "because of a protest or was it guys out for a walk one night and they decided to go kill some Americans."  She left out a very important thing - one obvious possibility, a planned attack, that was part of the argument to begin with.  Second, she contradicts herself, by asking what difference it makes, then saying, "At this point it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again..."  So she asks why it matters (insinuating it doesn't matter) then says exactly why it DOES matter.

And her feigned righteous indignation is a tactic.  Have you ever snuck up on an opossum, and the cute little thing stops, turns around, and starts hissing at you and bearing its little fangs?  That's what an opossum does before it decides to "play possum."  Ms. Clinton was cornered, and was hissing, to intimidate her political opponents, and to create the facade that she's standing up for a noble cause and is being unjustly accused of something.

It DOES matter, and Ms. Clinton unwittingly tells us why.

And she's right - we do need to figure out what happened and never let it happen again.

When will the Obama and Hillary Clinton sycophants wake up?  How can they support these lying, illogical, dim-witted thugs?  When will it matter to them that Americans (and Christians) are getting raped, maimed, and killed by terrorists (aka muslims)?  It DOES matter.  And the laws of the universe, the ones God put in place, will uncover the truth.  And good people will respond positively and do what they can to not let this happen again.  But it won't be the Obama administration.

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