Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don't Give Obama His Revolution

According to Michael Savage, who is right on a lot of stuff, including this - Obama (a.k.a., Axelrod) wants a civil war in America.  That's why the feds are stockpiling hollow point ammunition - to keep it out of our hands and to prepare for a gun war with the American citizenry.

Savage also pleads with us not to engage.  I agree.  We don't want to give Obama the chance to declare martial law and stay in office indefinitely.  This has happened in many other countries throughout the past century.  Let's not let it happen to ours - and if we're not wise, it will happen to ours.

If the tea party is true to its principles, it will not take Obama's bait.  We need to expose Obama, call his lies and fraud what they are, and prosecute him for his crimes.  We must not engage in a gun battle with the government.  We will lose our country to a government that wants to take it from us.  Let's not let this country go - let's patiently wait Obama out, and vote in some sanity in 2014 and 2016.

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