Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Benghazi - Your Sin Shall Find You Out

We were teaching our children the other day about lying - why it's not OK, the consequences, etc.  One characteristic of a lie is that it finds its way into the light eventually.  Benghazi is a good example.  Most rational Americans knew they were being played by Clinton and Rice. It was a funny sight, seeing two adult women (and a bunch of men) covering up their eyes and sing-songing, "You can't see me," like little kids.  What a joke these people are.  I'm ebarassed as an American for my incompetent, dishonest, self-serving, godless government.  How far we have fallen as a nation!

The "You can't see me," line has been parroted time after time.  To name just a few examples of things our bright government has told us that are just plain silly:

  • Falling temperatures are due to global warming
  • Socialism is better than a constitutional republic
  • Obama is not a socialist
  • Poverty is due to capitalism
  • Spending more money will eliminate the national debt
  • The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) will reduce costs for medical care and insurance
  • The border is secure
  • The border will be secure
  • Comprehensive immigration reform is not about amnesty
  • Obama will not raise taxes
  • Stealing from the rich will create wealth for the poor
  • America is headed toward energy independence
  • Taxing corporations more will create jobs
  • Unions are good for people, the economy, and the nation
  • Sugar and nicotine are bad, but THC is good
  • Mexican gun violence is due to American guns and American drug demand
  • Mexican college students are important to the future of America
  • Barack Obama is important to the future of Mexico
  • Ruling America should be a joint effort between Barack Obama, Mexico, and the United Nations
  • Benghazi was a justified protest based on a video (and we must apologize)
  • America is robbing the world of resources and wealth
  • Black people are still being discriminated against
  • America needs to police every conflict in every corner of the world
  • America is awesome and deserves to have the Olympics hosted here
  • America is terrible and needs to make reparations to the rest of the world
  • The Muslim Brotherhood is harmless
  • Egypt is our friend
  • Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood) needs our planes, tanks, and money
  • Egyptian Muslims are not raping and killing Egyptian Christians
  • Islam is not the problem
  • Moderate Muslims understand the Koran
  • The Koran does not command all Muslims to lie to, dominate, and kill all non-Muslims
  • Jihad means, "internal struggle to be a better person"
  • Israel is not an important ally
  • Israel stole land from Palestine
  • America stole land from Mexico
  • Our children belong to the state and the community
  • Individualism is evil - collectivism is noble
  • Transparency means behind closed doors
  • It (how Americans were attacked and slaughtered in Benghazi) doesn't matter
  • There will be times when there's a bump in the road (speaking of 4 murdered American citizens)
  • It's OK to castigate and steal from the rich while living aboard Air Force One and eating paella in Spain and lobster in Maine and borscht in Ukraine and caviar on a train and arugula in the rain
  • The Sequester was the Republicans' idea
  • We can't afford to let the kids in to see the White House (but we can afford to bribe senators with lavish dinners and golf outings)
  • Michelle Obama has nice arms
  • Gun violence will stop if good people give up their guns
  • Killing living, breathing, babies born from botched abortions is not murder
  • A fetus, fully formed and obviously human, is not a human.  It's a lump of tissue that can be treated like cancer by an inconvenienced mother and her humanitarian abortionist
  • But it's a crime to tamper with a sea turtle egg
  • Printing money won't affect the value of the dollar
  • Borrowing money from China and other world powers doesn't make the US vulnerable
  • People who didn't vote for Barack Obama are racist
  • People who voted for Barack Obama are not racist
  • Black people who voted for Barack Obama, even though they don't hold even a remotely similar worldview, didn't vote for him because he's part black
  • Barack Obama is not a Muslim
  • Barack Obama likes America
  • Barack Obama is a Christian
  • Barack Obama cares about the little people
  • Barack Obama will heal the racial divide in America
  • It's important for the President of the United States to be cool
How do they get away with it?  The king with no clothes got away with it for a while.  But some little kid somewhere, too stupid to pretend to be smart, will speak up.  The problem is, the media complex and the masses of complicit Americans, and the majority in government and the courts, are hopelessly liberal, and heading toward socialism, Marxism, communism...

We had better be ready

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