Wednesday, April 24, 2013

America is at war with Islam

America is at war with Islam.

Not radical Islam.  Not Muslims.  Not Al Qaeda.  Not Hamas.  Not Iran.  Not Saudi Arabia.

America is at war with Islam.

Why do I make such an outrageous, right-wing, closed-minded, ridiculous statement?  Because the Quran commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims.  Jihad, the "holy war" against non-Muslims, is repeated over and over and over in the Quran.  And despite what our Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama says, Jihad means "holy war against non-Muslims".  It DOES NOT mean "internal struggle to be a better person".  Our Muslim president doesn't know his religion of Islam any better than he knows his pretend religion of Christianity.

Even “peaceful” Muslims are confused, not following their own religion, and are increasingly in danger from “true” Muslims who consider “peaceful” Muslims to be non-Muslims.  Even our brightest conservative talk jocks are confused, as they constantly cry out against radical Islam, Muslim extremists, etc.  A person who simply follows their holy book is an extremist?  I guess true Christians and true Jews are all extremists too, for carrying out the commands of their God and His prophets.

Unless you didn't know, Christians were not told by Christ to forcefully convert non-Christians and to kill them if they didn't convert.  On the other hand, Christ didn't teach us to not defend ourselves from terrorists (see my post on Pacifism Gone Wild).

Killing to a true Muslim is like smoking marijuana to a Rastafarian.  It's not only excused, it's part of their religion.  It is taught as duty and held sacred.  I suppose that for an angry, misogynistic, at least partially insane Muslim like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, hurting and killing people is fun.  And it's cool in their minds because their religion MANDATES it.

Notice I said their religion mandates it.  Not their insanity.  Not their arrogance.  Not America's immorality.  Not America's pushing democracy on cave men.  Not America's exceptionalism.  Not America's hogging all the world's natural resources (even if this and many other Obama lies were true).  Their religion mandates it.  Their religion is at war with us.  We are at war with a religion.

Why won’t the US government or liberals (who compose the majority of and who elected our government) stand up to Islam?  Why won’t they even name it as an enemy?

Because they are cowards.

We’re being ruled, controlled, dictated to, robbed, demeaned, limited, apologized for, and sold out, instead of protected, by cowards.

In order to fight our enemies, we need the courage to identify them and fight them.  Our government, and our supposed free press, lack the courage to do either.

So if there's really no threat, as we're told by Janet Napolitano and her completely derelict organization, the press, and most of the absolute jack-asses in the federal government, why don't we just fire the entire Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and save a few dollars?  And if there is a threat, which is purportedly why we have a DHS, why it is just covered up or denied?

Why would Joe Biden say there was no fear in Boston, at a murdered campus police officer's funeral, after the entire city was shut down for two days?  Why is he denying the reality of terrorism in America?  Why is he desecrating the grave of a murdered American, and the graves of those murdered in cold blood by the Tsarnaev brothers?

Because he's either a coward, an idiot, a drunk, or all three.  I say all three.  But he doesn't have to be sloshed to be a coward and an idiot.  I believe he's sloshed most of the time because he can't handle the pressure or humiliation of being a Muslim communist elitist ultra-hypocrite poser's puppet.

The only protection we have at this point, besides our own guns, ammo, and courage, is our military, our good cops, sheriffs, and patrolmen.  And our government is trying to take away our guns and ammo and feminize our military and law enforcement.

So whose side is our government on?  It looks more and more to me like they’re siding with Islam.  Hmmm.  Why might that be?  Maybe it’s because our president and many of his appointees are Muslims.  They are at least Muslim sympathizers.

Anyone reading this, who cares about this country and its citizens’ safety, please vote for a constitutional defender next time instead of a constitutional relativist and an enemy of America.


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