Friday, March 29, 2013

Pacifism Gone Wild

Nanny Bloomberg recently emoted, with a passionate quiver in his voice, "How many bullets does it take to kill a deer?"

That's a straw-man argument of the highest order.  The gun control issue has two sides, and neither one has anything to do with killing deer, or hunting at all.  On one side, progressives want to control us, at the expense of our personal liberties.  On the other side, we want to maintain our God-given right to defend ourselves, from criminals, and even from our own government if need be (which is the original basis for the 2nd Amendment).

How many bullets does it take to defend yourself?  Well, it depends on the situation, doesn't it?  If it's one guy about to sink a knife into one of your children, one bullet would probably do, assuming you hit with one shot.  If you're shaking and the bad guy is moving around, it may take a few, maybe more than seven.  If it's three guys shooting at you, it may take emptying a 17-shot clip and reloading and emptying another one to finish the legitimate job of defending yourself or your family.  What gives Michael Bloomberg the right to shift the argument to killing deer, or limit my ability to defend myself?

Watch this video.  This is especially beneficial to Christian (or other) pacifists wondering what Jesus had to say about defending yourself.  Remember, God never changes.  He didn't cease to be the God of the Old Testament when he enacted the New.  Give me your comments please.

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