Monday, March 25, 2013

Joe Biden's Philosophy - Grab and Spend


Vice Chairman Little Joe Binladen wants to keep the 2nd Amendment intact by "limiting" our ability to defend ourselves with guns (limiting magazine capacity and gun type).  And he wants to take Chairman Maobama's "balanced approach" to balancing the budget, which is to balance olives on his nose whilst slugging down the martinis they came in, gut our military, build up the DHS militia, hoard hollow point ammunition, spend $585,000.50 on a one-night trip to France, tax the "rich", and give to the illegal alien.

This sounds like a juxtaposition of words.  It is actually what he's doing, which is a juxtaposition of thoughts and priorities.  Behind it all is a naked lust for power and control over people.  He joins with Nanny Bloomberg, Chairman Maobama, the Democratic Senate, the mainstream sycophantic media, the low-information voter, the self-serving mooch, the Liberal Supreme Court, and the devil himself.  Tell me they don't all have at least one thing in common.

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