Friday, January 18, 2013

My name Timmy my letter to Maobama on gun control

Dear Charmin Maowbama my name timmy please make guns hard to get for good peple so bad peple cant shoot good peple any more.
I am sad for the children who got shot. Think about it mister charmin the bad guy had to relow a bunch of times it takes one secent to relow if he would have had clips with only 7 bulits he would have shot 25 peple but it would have taken him 3 secents more longer.   Thats enough time for the cops to get there in there time machines and since nobody should have guns in schools the cops are the only ones who can protect the childrens in a school.
But since hes a bad guy he would still have clips with lots more bulits but please make it very hard for good peple to get clips and scary guns to they don’t shoot bad peple cuz bad peple are peple to even thogh they shoot good peple we need to be safe mister charmin Maowbama.  Juss remember good peple should only have 7 bullits in there gun so its fair to the bad guy who break in to the house he should be able to shoot back more times since hes scared of the good guys bullits.
I love you and if anyone tries to hurt you or your vischarmin Joe Binladen or any of your kids I will shoot them in the face with my scary bb gun it only hold 7 bbs.

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