Friday, December 28, 2012

Bring on the Gun Control!

Ya know, pistol-packin' Feinstein is really looking out for America's children.  She's revving up the paddy wagons to go out and round up those evil assault rifles and greater-than-ten-round magazines for any gun.  I'm relieved.  Not because our kids are any safer, but because she's not rounding up the hunting rifles, shotguns, revolvers, or magazines capable of holding  ten or fewer rounds.  Whew!

That just makes the choice for my next handgun that much easier - I'll go with the .45 acp.  They typically don't hold more than 10 rounds anyway.  So if we're going to be limited to 10 or less, might as well make them the 10 most brutal man-stoppers you can pack in your holster.  That's so when some Paxil-popping pimple-faced video-game-fried monster bursts into my church and whips out his assault rifle I can blow his head clean off, with one shot (assuming I'm not shaking too much to aim properly).

Now, back to our kids.  Hmmmmm.  What do you think Ms. Feinstein's bill is going to do for our kids?  Nothing.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

Why?  Hmmmmm.  Because it doesn't do anything to protect our kids from gun violence.  If you can show me one measly way that banning high capacity magazines and scary looking .223 rifles protects our kids from psychos with guns, I'll give you all my guns, plated in gold, on silver platters, with my pants down.

What would protect our kids from gun violence?  Hmmmmm.  How about preventing psychos from getting access to guns?  (NOT LIKELY, but a nice thing to try to figure out how to do).  How about arming responsible, sane, people in schools?  (NOW WE'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE).  If schools, churches, theaters, MILITARY BASES (thank you, Mr. Clinton, for disarming Fort Hood) would have armed citizens or guards, the chicken-shit punks who shoot up innocent people (1) wouldn't go there, and (2) would get shot and STOPPED soon after their intentions became evident, and hopefully before they spilled any innocent blood.

Washington - get your heads out of your asses and do something useful to protect our kids!  At least stay the hell out of the way so I can do it!

Nuff said.

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