Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Did Republicans Lose in 2012?

There's so much speculation about why Republicans lost so many races this November, 2012, especially the presidential election.  I won't even try to exert my inferior mental powers in this discussion.  But I will give my perspective.  Some of it is what I've heard or read, and some of it just seems to be obvious - splits and pockets of apathy in the party, basic parts of human nature, repeats of history, entropy, and the fulfillment of prophecy.

Republicans are split.  The best way to describe the split is to point out the differences between Ron Paul and Megan McCain.  They're both way out there on the left and right fringes of the Republican Party.  In between are the John McCains and the Mitt Romneys.  This shouldn't naturally result in a bunch of Republicans voting for the democrat, much less the Communist dictator-wanna-be Barack Hussein Obama.  But it DID result in a lot of Republicans not voting.  Some were lazy, some were bitter, some felt they were following a biblical mandate not to get involved.

Basic human nature is the tendency to land somewhere on a continuum between self-sufficiency and dependency.  There are plenty of democrats leaning toward self-sufficiency.  The problem with most of them is that they are the "rich" democrats who enjoy status and power.  The vast majority of democrats lean toward dependency.  And with the democrat-socialist-marxist-communist bent of the democratic ruling class in the last 60 years, the number of dependent democrats is rising rapidly.  O'Reilly was right when he said Obama won the election because America has changed, and is now predominantly voting for free stuff.  Limbaugh flavored that truth with a little more sarcasm when he said you can't win against Santa Claus.

Juan Williams is right when he agrees with Bill O'Reilly (while claiming to disagree) that lower income voters voted for Obama because they thought it was in the country's best economic interest...

...translation: they voted for free stuff.

History repeats itself.  Republics usually last about 200 years.  The USA has lasted longer, but is showing clear signs of decline, and if the socialist-marxist-communists are left in power much longer, the USA won't be a republic for very many more years.  The USA is fermenting under the toe nails of European uber-rich radicals and dead African anti-colonialists reincarnate.  It soon will be a burning, violent, wasteland akin to Greece, with the Obamas riding around in bullet-proof limousines and eating the only rich foods available after the United Nations, under the auspices of Agenda 21, gives all the human food to the monkeys and chickens.

Entropy is the tendency of ordered things to become disordered without intervention from outside forces.  It is the natural law that disproves evolution, and that is hard at work in the once-civilized society known as the United States of America.  You can read a little more about entropy in America in a previous post.

Ahhh, must we talk about prophecy?  Must I dig up the myriad scripture passages that predict, with perfect accuracy, what's going on in the world (including the USA)?  Honestly, I don't have the energy right now.  If you want to read about what's going on in the world - the moral decay, the greed, the death of love, the rampant narcissism, genocide, disrespect for parents, denial of the existence and sovereignty of God, sexual deviancy, fall of democracy, evil being called good and good being called evil, corruption in governments, collapse of financial systems, one-world-government, Armageddon, etc., just crack open that dusty Bible and read the books of Proverbs, Daniel, the four Gospels, Romans, I and II Thessalonians, I John, and The Revelation.

You and I can slow it down by modeling faith and integrity and good character to our children, but we in the USA will soon pay a price for that.  We can pray for our children to be safe, sound, and right, and to avoid the awful consequences, soon to come, of being a "believer" and even a conservative.  But we can't stop the inevitable.

The problem with the Republican Party is not the Republican Party.  The problem is the average person in the USA.  The undertow is just too strong for the average American.  Thinking of the future, especially when people know, innately, that there is no future, is just too hard.  It's so much easier to just hold out cupped hands to a benevolent federal nanny state and happily receive the free stuff, at the expense of liberty, freedom of thought and choice, and self respect.

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