Thursday, November 8, 2012

Entropy in America

The same law of nature that disproves evolution is alive and well in America today - entropy.

Entropy is the tendency of nature to move from order to disorder in a closed system.

For example, if you look at a perfectly ordered array of molecules in a jar, and came back an hour later, would the molecules be more highly ordered, or would they be scattered around in random order?  Or, if you pushed a well-ordered stack of bricks off the back end of a truck, would they land on the ground in the same, or more neatly stacked, stack?

Let's look at America and see if we can apply this principle:

1) Is America a closed system?

Well, yes, and well, not really.  Ilegal immigrants are pouring into the country.  So I guess America is not a closed system, and entropy doesn't apply.  But wait a minute.  Let's take a step of hypothetical faith and assume America is in a jar of sorts.

2) Is America moving from order to disorder?

I say yes.  A progressive (liberal, socialist, communist) person would say no.  Here's why I say yes:

  • Rising debt
  • Rising, persistent unemployment
  • Deteriorating social and moral standards
  • Increasing disdain for the elderly and the unborn
  • Declining morale, in the populace and the military
  • Decreasing stature in the world
I apologize for the layman's explanation.  Basically, my view is that America is falling apart.  And that should be obvious, even to a progressive or a full-fledged Obama sycophant, if you compare America as originally conceptualized to the America we live in today.

I speak for half of Americans in saying I'm bummed about the entropy in America, and the inevitability of it, given the rising trend of voting for free stuff.  The connection is so well established now that it is highly unlikely we will ever see anything like the young, beautiful America our forefathers lived and died in.

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