Friday, October 12, 2012

Romney-Ryan vs Osbama-Bidladen

How do YOU feel about the recent debates?

How do YOU feel about the United States?

Today a woman in the car next to me at a stop light motioned me to roll down my window.  She had noticed I had a "Mitt" sticker on my bumper.  She said, with a smile, "I know you're voting for Romney, but would you PLEASE vote for Obama?  Romney's going to ruin the country."

I said, "No, he's not," with a nervous smile.

She replied, "Did you watch the debate last night?  They're going to end Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood!  We need Planned Parenthood - we get our pap smears and other stuff there."

Wow.  I was stunned, at her depth, and at her audacity for flagging me down to beg me to vote for Borock. You see, Borock is going to keep the abortion mills running.  He's not going to subsidize the sole source for pap smears.  My wife doesn't go to Planned Parenthood to get her woman's stuff done.  The woman is deep.  Deep enough to worry about one thing, and vote for the leader of the free world based on that.  Wow.

Romney wiped the floor with Chairman Borock's ass, then whooped his ass again for leaving a waxy yellow buildup.

Bidladen rubbed Ryan's face in a pile of doggy doo, and made a damned fool of himself doing it.

And how about Mather Raddass's moderation?  How about that?  She would not be a very good kindergarten teacher.  A good kindergarten teacher would have moved little Joey Bidladen's name from green, to yellow, to red, and sent him to the Principal.  But Ms. Raddass let little Joey run wild in the classroom, making funny noises, making funny faces, interrupting his respectful, composed, opponent.  What a show!

Aside from the display of misplaced emotion and the bad acting job of little Joey Bidladen, and the myriad outright lies little Joey told, what struck me the hardest was little Joey's pathetic put-on of Catholic piety and cowardly tolerance.  His explanation of his views on abortion was one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen in any political stringing together of sentences.  He feigned choking up while defending  his feigned faith. He even spoke latin!  Gosh, what a devout Catholic!  He feigned deference to the Catholic view on abortion, then gave it the finger by saying he refuses to impose his views on others.

Among the groups he said he wouldn't impose upon, he mentioned Christians.  That was kind of weird, huh?  How many Christians do you know who support abortion-on-demand?  I thought Catholics were supposed to be Christian...

...Little Joey is truly an enigma, a man for all seasons, a white-toothed, toothy, goofy, smiley, dopey, white-toothed, goofy chameleon.  He must make Reverend Mother Nancy Pelosi proud.

There's so much more awe and puzzlement rattling around in my head, too much to write in a windy blog post.

How do YOU feel about things in America?

Are you a one-issue voter for Chairman Borock Hussein Osbama?

Or do you think, more than you feel, and think a little deeper than the average armadillo?

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