Friday, October 26, 2012

Benghazi SNAFU - Obama's In BIG Trouble

On 9/11/12, two former US Navy Seals asked for military backup in Benghazi, Libya, in response to a terrorist attack in-progress on our embassy.  They were DENIED, real time, three times. They were told to STAND DOWN.

Our CIA, State Department, and very likely the President himself, watched it happen via live feeds from a drone over Benghazi.

Those two former US Navy Seals, another US citizen, and our Ambassador, were murdered, as the White House watched.  The President went to bed, gave a dishonest and dispassionate speech the next day, and then went to Las Vegas to campaign.  He paid brief, nonchalant respects to our fallen, and went on to giggle and flirt with his adoring audience.

The following three weeks were riddled with false statements from the highest officials in our government, including Ms. Clinton saying to the father of one of those two former US Navy Seals, in view of his son's casket, presumably to comfort him, that they were going to arrest the creator of "the video" and bring HIM to justice...not the murderers, but the schmuck who made the video (the one that denigrates the prophet who told all Muslims to murder non-Muslims).

At the same funeral service, in view of the son's casket, Uncle Joe Biden asked the father, out loud, 'Has your son always had balls the size of cue balls?'

The details are bubbling to the top, and are really bad.

My dear God, what is going on in my country?

I am sick in heart and PISSED OFF.

Please, let anyone you know, who's going to vote for Barack Hussein Obama this time, that they are no countryman of mine, or yours.

If you're not comfortable being so blunt, please encourage them to vote for the good guy.

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