Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is the Muslim Jihad Similar to the Crusades?

A couple weeks ago I was driving to work in the wee a.m.  I heard Doug McIntyre (who I love) say something kind of...well... ignorant.

He said there was no fundamental difference between the Christian/Catholic Crusades of the dark ages and the Muslim conquest that continues today.

I should have called the show and challenged him, but I didn't.

This is what Doug is missing...

...The difference is that the Muslims are commanded, in their scriptures (Quran), to kill infidels, whereas the Crusaders had no such mandate in their scriptures.

In case you don't know, an infidel, to a Muslim, is a non-Muslim.

Therefore, Muslims are commanded, in the Quran, to kill me.

On the other hand, the Crusaders were acting out of multiple motives: self-defense, arrogance, and blood lust.  Onward Christian soldiers!  And leave a trail of blood and pain on the way! Actually, much of "The Crusades" was retaliation for Muslim conquest and pillaging in that part of history.

I'm not saying the Muslims are innocent of their bloodshed, or that the Crusaders were worse.  Since the Quran is not the "Word of God", Muslims have no moral or rational basis for their murders.

I appreciate the reasonable Muslims who don't follow their holy mandates.  But I have one question for them...

Why, if you don't feel compelled to obey the teachings of your religion, do you cling to your religion?

Christianity is a religion of peace and Love, founded on Love incarnate, the very son of the one true God, Jesus Christ.  So anyone who uses murder as an evangelism tool (as did the Crusaders) is not a real Christian.

And any Muslim who clings to Islam out of fear or pride is a fool.

Wake up, Muslims.  Are you a killer?  If not, then maybe you're not really a Muslim.

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