Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama Blows (money, that is)

The Chairman is at it again.  This time he's not bailing anyone or anything out.  He's going to India to see some lights or something.  He says he wants to "experience" the Festival of Lights.

He's taking some people with him.  And ships.  And guards.  And planes.

And he's spending billions of dollars doing it.

Is that ok?  What the hell is he thinking?  Did he forget he's the president of a nation that's sucking wind economically?  Did he forget the people who voted for him because he promised them free stuff?

How is Chairman Obama going to give people free stuff if he's spending all our money?

I can't even be serious about this.  I can't get my mind around this.  It's not worth the trouble.  It will be a happy day when Obama is ushered out of our capital.   What a lowlife scumbag.

Seriously, why the hell did anyone vote for this guy?  I wouldn't wipe my ass with him.

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