Thursday, September 9, 2010

Burn the Quran? Not in Barack Hussein Obama's Favor...

To make a long post short, what do you think about the Quran burning in Gainesville, FL, by a pastor of a 50 member Christian Church?

What do you think about Chairman Borock making a public statement on the issue (and opposing it)?

What do you think about the other talking heads making public statements (General Petraeus, Rahm Emanuel, etc)?

Do you think it will actually stir up the Moooooslim hornet's nest overseas?  In the USA?

Here's what I think:  It's a dumb idea to burn the Quran.  Jesus probably wouldn't have done such a thing.  At least we don't see him acting that way in recorded history.  BUT, it's not illegal, and if Chairman Borock wants to speak out against such disrespect to his fellow Moooooslims, he should give equal time to Judaism, Christianity, and the AMERICAN FLAG that he supposedly represents.  What a wuss that Chairman Borock!

One more morsel for thought:  The Holy Quran (as fondly referred to by Chairman Borock) contains the COMMANDMENT for Mooooslims to kill non-Mooooslims.  Look it up, stooge!

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