Saturday, August 21, 2010

Obama May Not Be a Muslim, But...

Chairman Borock loves Muslims. He lovingly refers to the Quran as the "Holy Quran". He disparages Christians and the Bible. He calls the Sermon on the Mount "radical" (in a negative sense). If you believe him when he claims to be a Christian, one of two things may be wrong with you: 1) you're stupid, or 2) you don't understand what it means to be a Christian. There are hordes of CINO's (Cristians in name only) hiding out in churches today. Chairman Borock is one of them.

What do you think of the Chairman jiggin' in Chi-town while his charming wife and her friends gulp down 5-gallon buckets of paella in Spain (on the backs of American tax payers)?

Would you believe the "Holy Quran" instructs ALL Muslims to kill infidels (non-Muslims)? It does. If Chairman Borock will stand with his brother Muslims, when do you think he will start killing his fellow Christians?


Do you think Dr. Laura should be censored? Censured? (for saying the "N" word)

Is the Chairman a 1) Nigerian?  2) Nice Guy?  3) Narcissist?

Is mosque spelled like mosquito by accident or on purpose?

If you substitute a few letters in OBAMA-BIDEN, you get OSAMA BIN-LADEN.  Is that a coincidence?

If you had one chance to address Mexican President Cabron, and could use only three words, would you say: 1) Cinco de Mayo! 2) Where's the blow?  3) Remember the Alamo!

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